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To protect our retail business (and yours), we require that all of our retailers request a username and password to see our entire retail line. If you have a username and password, please see below.

If you are a retail store and would like more information about carrying SoNikki products, please fill out the request for password information After we have reviewed your request, you will receive an email with your approval along with a link to log in, along with your username/password. Please note, we do not store any passwords and they can be changed once you login

Thank you for your business….


Now What
Please fill out the below form.
We review your request

We may ask you some questions about your store. Please know this is to protect your business and the SoNikki line from outside non-approved vendors

Upon approval, we’ll send you an email

Congratulations! Now that you are an approved vendor, you will be able to login to our Vendor Only area and shop our line. Please let us know if you have any questions.