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Avijit Majumdar

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With fall just around the corner, it’s time to start styling our new back to school outfits. I’m so pumped to pack away all of my tanks and shorts and bring out the sweaters. I already have most of my back to school outfits ready. The best brand to get fashionable and chic clothing for this upcoming school year is SoNikki. If you haven’t yet heard of them, they’re an all American brand made in US for tweens. They do not only care about making their clothing stylish, but they also keep in mind that comfort is key by using the best fabrics. All of the clothing that I own from SoNikki is very soft and comfortable which is great for school. No one wants to be sitting in rough, unstretchable and itchy clothing for 8 hours of the school day, so material and fabrics matter. SoNikki also has a variety of different colors and designs in their newest collection. 

In fashion, we dress for the season. Fall is all about leaves, pumpkins, and lattes. What colors do you think of ? Camomile, olive green, beige, and a bunch of different orange shades. These are the main colors we dress for in fall. When you’re picking out your new clothing keep that in mind. One of my favorite colors out of all of those is olive green. SoNikki carries a bunch of cute clothing in that shade. 

 They also incorporated a bunch of stars and lightning bolts into their shirts and pants which are really trendy right now. I’m seeing lighting bolts down the leg, and stars everywhere!  

If stars or lightning bolts are not your thing maybe you’ll like SoNikki’s new tie dye items which are among my personal favorites. They have new adorable sweat-shirt and sweat-pant sets which are just the cutest! This fall we need to stay very warm and the best way to stay cozy yet still look good is sweat suits.  

Camouflage has also been a huge trend this year and last year. Camouflage is great for any season ! I have a pair of grey camouflage leggings and a cute grey sweater from SoNikki! 

Recently, I’ve also been seeing a lot of cheetah print in fashion. In my opinion cheetah print is really great for fall as well. While working with so Nicky, I received a few adorable cheetah printed pieces as well. 

Hopefully you found a cute piece of clothing that you want to purchase for this fall! If this was your first time hearing about SoNikki, spread the word about their adorable pieces! 

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